Membership Types and Fees

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One Time Fees
  • Registration: $55.00
  • Bond: $250.00
Annual Membership types and costs
Since all members are owners of the park, many choose to contribute their time and talent to maintain our wonderful amenities and many activity options.

Co-Op memberships requires a $200 “Volunteer Hours” (volunteering at/on behalf of the Park), for a reduced annual fee.  Download Volunteer Hours Tracking Form
  • Family Membership: $900 (volunteer hours included)
  • Family Co-Op: $700 (mandatory volunteer hours to be completed)
  • Couple Membership: $820 (volunteer hours included)
  • Couple Co-Op Membership: $620 (mandatory volunteer hours to be completed)
  • Single Membership- $700(volunteer hours included)
  • Single Co-Op Membership- $500 (mandatory volunteer hours to be completed) Associate- $175
Tennis Only
  • Family: $560
  • Single: $400
  • Junior: $285
One Calendar Month - Family only: $800
One Week, Family only: $250

Payment Options
  • Pay in full by check or credit card- We now accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
  • Installment payments by credit card- February, March and April and May.
  • All members must provide credit card/bank account number for all balances due (this includes work tax, snack bar fees, etc.)
Important Dates for CURRENT MEMBERS
  • Late fees will be charged after May 1, 2018
  • Members may be “force resigned” if not paid in full by deadlines
For more information, please contact or leave a message at (845) 679–8098. From Memorial Day to Labor Day please call (845) 679-9665 instead of voicemail.

New Members are welcome at any time.  To Apply for Membership, download the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, fill it out and mail it to PO BOX 688, WOODSTOCK NY 12498.

Important:  Please Download the Zena Bylaws.  These Govern How the Park Operates!  All Members Must Adhere To These Policies!

Frequently Asked Questions About Zena Membership

When you join Zena you are joining a community and are an owner of the facility.  We are a not-for-profit organization, which means that the park is operated by the members, and our budgets are built upon the your membership fees.  We regret this unfortunate situation but the Park relies on your contribution to operate. 

How can I pay for dues?

Dues must be paid by May 1.  Dues may be paid by check, or by credit card, either by mail or via  

What if I want to resign?

From our Bylaws:

Section 3. Resignations

Resignations must be received prior to December 31st. The penalty schedule after that date is as follows:

  • Between January 1st and April 30th – 10% of current yearly dues.
  • Between May 1st and May 31st – 25% of current yearly dues.
  • Between June 1st and June 30th – 50% of current yearly dues.

After June 30th there will be no refund.

Work tax is also required.

What about volunteer hours?

If you choose a “Co-op” membership, you elect to provide $200 worth of volunteer hours in lieu of a payment.  Working on behalf of Zena enables members to contribute to the operation of the park, while saving $200 on their dues at the same time.

Most volunteer opportunities are valued at $10/hour.  Examples are:

  • Swim team assistance
  • Helping with activities such as ice cream socials, setting up for BBQs, etc. 
  • Reading to the younger kids during adult swim time

Share your talents with Zena!  We are open to ideas for new activities! Contact our social chair if you want to help.

Maintenance tasks are valued at $20/hour.  Examples of those are:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Painting
  • Helping with plumbing, carpentry, helping set up the pool for the season, etc.

Each year we hold “work parties” for maintenance.  Join in to help!  Contact

Board meetings are open to members at any time.  We meet on the first Sunday of each month at various locations in the area.  Please contact us if you’d like to attend.  We want your input!

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